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  City Painting Ghana: is a No.1 professional painting contractors in Ghana. We specialised in Commercial, Interior, Exterior and Deck Stain Painting. It is therefore, our interest to work closely with Construction Companies, Estate Developers and Individals who need affordable, fast and professional painting company..... For more information Contact us on our Hotline 0244 011 372 / 0244 011 475


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Floor coatings are available in different designs, and manufactured using different materials with an aim of offering protection to the workers available in industries. An industrial area is known to be one of the most active areas of a manufacturing plant and should be well taken care of to avoid any form of accidents which may arise as a result of slippery floors. Mostly, industrial floor coatings offer protection against slippery floors other than simply adding some form of design to the industrial floor.

Floor coatings within an industry are known to add some form of design as well as foundation to an industry or a business. For a perfect industrial floor coating decision, one has to hire a contractor to offer surface solutions which is known to take place prior to the process of installation. The contractor offers advice on the appropriate materials for the design of the industrial floor coating as well as the product, style and color.

Durable: A high-quality epoxy floor will remain solid and usable for a very long time—some are nearly indestructible. Whether you have heavy machinery, temperature variations, caustic chemicals, constant forklift traffic or repeated cleaning, a properly installed epoxy floor will continue to perform.

Cleanable: Epoxy flooring creates a non-porous, seamless surface where dirt, mold and bacteria can find no place to hide. Epoxy floors resist staining and can be quickly cleaned with a broom, mop, squeegee, scrub brush or most other normal cleaning devices.

Safe: Epoxy floors are not naturally slippery, and they can be made even safer with a variety of textured finishes or non-slip coatings. They also promote good health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi.

Attractive: With a myriad of color and texture options to choose from, epoxy flooring can be light or dark, variegated or uniform. 

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Combine the aesthetics required for a commercial environment with the performance of an industrial floor.


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